Do Cities Need Professional Food Critics

Oh, that Hanna Raskin: the hornet-nest kicking restaurant critic at Seattle Weekly put on her trolling hat today with her blog post, “Professional Food Critics Not Needed in Portland.” Its thesis — that Portland, a city Raskin recently visited for the first time, is “doing just fine without an Anton Ego type issuing culinary decrees” […]

Are you qualified to run a restaurant?

SOURCE: Aspiring restaurant owners often have starry visions of the restaurant industry. Running a restaurant seems like an exciting way to create a career for yourself. After all, you love to cook, you have killer recipes, and you enjoy the thought of being your own boss. While it is true that many restaurant concepts […]

Plight of the Independants

SOURCE: QSR Magazine Web Exclusive In August, the NPD Group released its annual tally of U.S. restaurant closures, and the study proved a sobering reminder of the challenges independent restaurants face in any climate, let alone one sitting in recession-era shadows. Though quick serves can perhaps take comfort in the fact that 63 percent of […]