Restaurant Bar Design and Equipment

Restaurant Bars provide a large part of the income for restaurants. If you have plans for a bar, our business has been designing commercial kitchens and bars since 1982, well over 30-years. We have nearly a dozen professionals on our staff. Each employee we have harbors a specific skilled niche, such as design, warehouse management, and project management. Additionally, the majority of our staff previously worked in restaurants of various sizes, and bring their knowledge and experience from these years in the hospitality industry to help in the design and execution of your dream. Our staff comes together to guarantee a successful kitchen and bar design, especially for meeting all your needs and exceeding your expectations. Please realize that we are very budget conscious.

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Restaurant Bar Design

A big part of our success is open and close communication and working with each client. We remain side-by-side with you from beginning to end and beyond. Each client is different with individual taste and style in their bar design. Our team strives for unique creativity, functionality, energy efficiency, and the bar owner’s needs and the clients they serve. No matter what our design holds, we Being in business for over 30-years has been met with many questions from various clients. The following questions are what the majority of our clients ask. We took the time to speak with other professionals parallel to our company and found that we are all on the same page.

  • What makes a great restaurant or bar?
  • How can we ensure that you will have a great experience and want to return to our company?
  • How can the design of my space help to achieve individual business goals?

The one secret to a great and unique bar design are the professionals you hire to do your design and installation. If a company has been in the business for over five years, we consider them seasoned. However, a company in business for around 30-years has exceptional skill, experience, and knowledge of the industry to guarantee each client a high level of satisfaction with our work. Like many other things in life, tastes, and designs change, evolving into something more unique and efficient. Appliances, large and small, bar equipment, and accessories are updated and improved. We work with the latest and best materials and products into our designs according to the clients’ needs and desires. Bar designs rely heavily on the skill and knowledge of our architects, interior designers, installation crew, and operational personnel.

Our goal is an efficient and ergonomic bar space. We are experts in solving space issues. We utilize only quality appliances and accessories by using primary and alternate manufacturers for each piece of equipment you order. We are sensitive to budgets and financial requirements. We have definitive steps we take to provide you with a just and fair bid. We allow each client a free initial consultation. We introduce you to our architect’s corner design service. We coordinate with you, the owner, the architect, and the general contractor. We are your one-stop bar and kitchen design professionals. Here is a list of a few things we supply to all of our Restaurant-Bar clients:

  • Bartending Supplies
  • Bar Supplies
  • Drink ware
  • Front of the House
  • Beer and Wine
  • The complete and total range of kitchen equipment and accessories

Professional Restaurant Bar Design and Installation

Our commercial kitchen consultants serve all of the hospitality industry, from businesses as large as hotels, small and large restaurant chains, airports, casinos, to new restaurant owners starting out in their first business. We are here to serve you uniquely. Your style and taste matter to us, and your restaurant bar design is uniquely made to answer all your company and staff needs. Give us a call today so we can start working for you.

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