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Restaurant kitchen design at Mathias FoodService Equipment and Design, we are committed to ensuring that you build the commercial kitchen that will meet your unique needs and preferences. We are able to work with you to design your restaurant’s kitchen in the best way possible, whether it is a squeezed or a spacious structure. Our goal is to ensure you have a well-designed, modern kitchen that will improve your business, school, or assisted living facility‘s performance, and help you provide the best experience for your patrons.

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Flexibility & Simplicity

Our design will ensure your kitchens or bar (commercial or restaurant) is as flexible as your menu. This means workstations can be used for multiple purposes, as well as having moving equipment. Our designs are straightforward, simple, and clean, so that it can be easily navigated by new staff.

Food Safety & Food Sanitation

Hygiene is an essential aspect of the food industry. We understand this factor, and that’s why we are keen on dish washing machines. It is additionally worth noting that the volume of dishes, trays, glasses, and cutlery will determine the landing tables’ size, as well as the number of drain boards and racks.

Energy Efficiency

Many owners spend considerable funding on making their kitchens more energy efficient, however our design will allow you to do this in a more effective and economic manner. Our designs involve recommending to you the best energy-saving components that won’t drain your budget.


There is nothing more dangerous than a poorly ventilated kitchen, which can lead to unsafe working conditions for your staff and fumes potentially escaping into the restaurant. To avoid these hazards, we design a kitchen with proper air circulation and recommend the best equipment for proper circulation and ventilation in your kitchen based upon its size and location.

Kitchen Equipment Procurement

We procure the best equipment that will serve you well, because we understand that you want equipment that not only works well but will also last for years without replacement. This is another area where we offer our expertise, as we can make use of our extensive network of manufacturers to provide you with quality options at affordable prices.

Restaurant Design Consultants & Project Management

With Mathias FoodService Equipment and Design, you can consult on anything related to kitchen design, ghost kitchen design and equipment. We will help you select the best brands from the most credible manufacturer. We also help manage your project, including coordinating and supervising general contractors to ensure that the design is followed to the letter.

Complete Commercial Kitchen Management

You can bet on our custom commercial kitchen designs. After understanding your project and its unique needs, we will design a plan that accommodates your kitchen, and provides the utmost in workflow efficiency. Our design will eliminate common oversights that lead to a messy kitchen, your equipment will be strategically positioned so that they are not interfering with flow while in use. Our custom designs always take into consideration your staff, and all activities carried in the kitchen. We can guarantee you that your employees will have a clean and comfortable environment, which will lead to higher happiness and effectiveness. The Mathias Difference: Simplicity, Efficiency, Expertise

Equipment Delivery

After thoroughly inspecting the components, we will assemble, organize, and label them for your staff. We store this in a warehouse while waiting for delivery to your finished kitchen.

Staff Training

A professional foodservice expert will guide your employees on how to correctly use all equipment that we provide to you. All staff is taken through these lessons to ensure that it is used properly, and to avoid the damage of the equipment. On top of that, our training will allow you staff to use the equipment to increase their kitchen performance.

Restaurant Design Consultants