Mission Statement

Integrity of Person, Integrity of Product, Integrity of Pricing and Integrity of Service

Indoor Air Quality Products

Our primary service is Commercial Kitchen Designs. We draw custom kitchen design plans that maximize the flow of your kitchen while adhering to the best ergonomic practices. Our goal is to create kitchens that are efficient, effective, and the kitchen staff will love.

Once our designs are complete, we also can take jobs from conception to completion.

Kitchen Equipment Procurement

We also work with many small businesses, civic organizations, churches, and other small businesses to help them procure individual pieces of equipment. We are your number one resource if you need a new stove, oven, ice cubber, or other piece of commercial kitchen equipment.

Smallwares and Storefront

There are many stories of Bill Mathias driving around to restaurants in the 1980s selling smallwares out of the trunk of his car. While this is not our primary business any longer, we do still have a smallwares storefront that local and regional restaurant owners will stop by to re-supply. We also have some commercial kitchen equipment for sale there. These are pieces that we procured but did not use for a job, so while it all is brand new, sometimes you can find a really good deal on these.