6 Requirements for a Commercial Kitchen

A commercial kitchen can include any design you want.

You can outfit it with the latest and greatest equipment.

Your chefs can be as creative and as innovative as they wish to be.

All that being said, there are some requirements to be featured in every commercial kitchen, no matter how tiny or grand it might be.

Ample Space for Receiving Deliveries

Receiving deliveries will happen regularly. There may be fresh produce being delivered, boxes of dry goods, and various packages that must be placed into refrigerators and freezers.

You will need a space that allows for deliveries to be easily moved from the loading dock to an area that can hold everything until it can be properly stored away.

Food Storage Solutions

A variety of storage solutions will need to be in place. You’ll need to consider space for:

  • Dry goods
  • Produce
  • Refrigerated ingredients
  • Frozen ingredients

Additionally, you’ll need to follow local guidelines for health and safety that dictate the temperatures in which food is to be stored as well as how far off the ground items must be stored.

All storage solutions should be large enough to allow you to rotate ingredients for purposes of fresh inventory. Some storage should also be established for prepped foods, which will often be placed in a refrigerator or cooler.

Food Preparation Surfaces

A commercial kitchen will need room to prep various foods. You will want to ensure that all food prep surfaces are nonporous and easy to clean. All of our countertops are stainless steel, ensuring you have a durable surface that is not only easy to clean when you are finished, but also easy to sanitize.

The space which you will require will depend on the type of prepping that you will do, including:

  • Chopping and dicing of fruits and vegetables
  • Slicing of meats, both raw and processed
  • Opening cans and other packages
  • Mixing of ingredients, requiring blenders, mixers, and other hand tools

In many instances, you’ll need multiple food prep surfaces, some of which are close to electrical outlets. This will allow various forms of prep to take place concurrently.


Cooking Equipment

Any kitchen cannot be complete without being able to cook.

The menu in which you wish to execute will impact the equipment that is required.

It is also important to explore future needs so that you can change your menu without being limited by available equipment.

You may want to consider the ability to cook, bake, grill, and fry. In some instances, you may also want warmers or microwaves.

Beyond the appliances, you’ll also want pots, pans, skillets, and other equipment.

Since these items won’t always be in use, you will need adequate space allotted to store these tools.

Sanitation & Cleaning Solutions

All health and safety standards will need to be followed. In order to accomplish this, there will need to be various sanitation and cleaning solutions in place.

Employees will need access to handwashing stations.

There will also need to be a place for all dishes and equipment to be cleaned.

With this comes the need for a dish collection area for anything that may come from the dining area.

Serving Area

A serving area will be required so that the food can leave the kitchen and reach the customers.

This area can take many forms based on the layout and style of the restaurant. There may be a counter-style where the food is given directly to the customers.

There may also be an expo area where food is placed under a window for the expeditor to get the plates in order before having a runner bring them to the tables.

Even in ghost kitchens, a serving area should be in place so that all completed food has a place to reside before being delivered.

How to Incorporate the Requirements with Style

Once you meet the basic requirements of a commercial kitchen, you can add style in any way that you wish. At Mathias FoodService, we know the secret to great designs.

With our extensive background in procurement and equipment selection, we can ensure that you get the workflow needed while getting the kitchen space that allows you to produce exquisite culinary creations.

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